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PIXNOR 10pcs L293D DIP 16-pin IC Stepper Motor Drivers Controllers (Black)

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MYSWEETY TB6600 4A 9-42V Stepper Motor Driver CNC Controller, Stepper Motor Driver Nema tb6600 Single Axes Hybrid Stepper Motor For CNC

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DROK L298 Dual H Bridge Motor Driver DC 6.5V-27V 7A Motor Control Board, 12V/24V Electric Motor Control Module, Industrial 160W PWM Motor Speed Controller with Optocoupler Isolation

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For Arduino Nano V3.0, Elegoo Nano board CH340/ATmega328P without USB cable, compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0 (Nano x 3 without cable)

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Elegoo 5 sets 28BYJ-48 ULN2003 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board for Arduino

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5pcs Aluminum Heat Sink 9x9x5mm for Printer Stepper Motor Driver Board

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WGCD 5 PCS L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Module for Arduino

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DROKĀ® L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Dual H-bridge DC Motor Driver Chip DC-DC 5-30V Regulator WIFI Car Drive Module with 2A Peak Current Can Drive 4 DC Motors/ 2 Stepper Motors

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Seeedstudio-Grove - I2C Motor Driver-dual channel H-bridge driver chip

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motor driver chip