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1 x [Matcha Bowl] Arita ware Matcha Chawan [Japan Import] (Amime Tenmoku Black)

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Japanese Matcha Bowl Rabbit KUTANI YAKI(ware)

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Mino-yaki Matcha Tea Bowl Turquoise Blue [Japan Import]

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Matcha bowl [Made in Japan Mino ware] green tea 4-point set Kyoto Harumatsu Uebayashi head office made of green tea with tea utensils that tea bowl comes also with

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Japanese Matcha Bowl Camellia Kutani Yaki(ware)

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Glade Jar Candle Air Freshener, Matcha Garden, 3.4 Oz

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3pcs sets Bamboo Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set with Ceramic Tea Bowl Scoop Powder Whisk Chasen Japanese Teaware Present

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Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup for kid's KUTANI YAKI(ware)

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Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Pomegranate KUTANI YAKI(ware)

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