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Kid Gavilan: World Welterweight Boxing Champion

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Diction for Singers

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Gavilan: A Story of Hollywood during the McCarthy Era (Scrapbooks of America)

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America in Black & White: Selected Photographs of John G. Zimmerman

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How to Defend Yourself. The Manly Art of Self Defense. A Boxing Course By Champions of the World

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Victory Sports Series Boxing Yearbook Magazine (Ali , Forman , Archie Moore , Kid Gavilan , Slugging Champions, 1974 Yearbook)

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Boxing And Wrestling May 1952 Harry Matthews, Kid Gavilan Charles Still Primo Carnera (Boxing And Wrestling)

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Boxing And Wrestling March 1953 Kid Gavilan Chuck Davey Johnny Bratton Johnny Saxton Magazine (Boxing And Wrestling)

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Kid Gavilan (D. 2003) Autographed/ Original Signed 8x10 Photo - Gavilan Was Former Welterweight Champion From Cuba - Also Known As Gerardo González (Pose 2)

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